Jesse Galindo will be going on a two-week missions trip to Bunia, from September 26 through October 10th, to give aid to the Shalom University Campus.

He will be flying out of Ontario, CA to Atlanta, GA, then to Amsterdam, Holland, where he will meet up with the rest of the volunteers.  He will then fly to Uganda, and, finally, onto Bunia.

The upgrading of all the wiring is a key objective on his agenda.
The wire upgrading will not only secure a stable voltage but provide a safe learning environment for the students and staff. 

The Library, University, student and faculty housing, 
and a water well will benefit from this project. 

Please pray for Jesse and his family as he prepares for, and goes on this trip!   Pray also for the needed materials to be not only provided for, but arrive in a timely manner.                   
Thank you!
"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."    Mark 16:15
Shalom University of Bunia teaches National translators to translate the Bible into the written Word for their mother tongues.  This translation degree program is brand new and conducted in French.  Without this program, translation students would need to travel to Kenya and learn English for at least a year before entering a translation degree program in a university there. 
One of the students with his family.
Children of the students
Wires show a creative, but make-shift fuse system. When these fail, the electricity to the whole Campus  fails.
Due to breakage, splicing and wear, the wiring system could use a complete overhaul.
During the recent civil war, many of the electrical units on the Campus have been run down and vandalized, 
creating a great need to repair the faulty wiring, switches, connectors, etc.
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                SANDERS, ARIZONA

EYE (Early Youth Evangelism) Team will be headed to Sanders, Arizona. The team of nine (Jesse Galindo, Barry Yovanovich, Lee Bell, and Nate Moses, and young men Brian Latta, Daniel and Brandon Ronquillo, Chris Galindo, and Lorenzo Lopez) will be serving the Lord by repairing some much needed storage sheds and corrals for Tobie Keiser, supported missionary to the Navajo Indians. As God provides opportunity, the team will have the experience of witnessing for Christ through acts of service as well as speaking of their Savior. Pray for their safety and strength, as well as their love and fellowship to manifest Christ to others.
SANDERS, ARIZONA - August, 2016